Tag: Sustainable transportation

Sustainable transportation

It refers to modes of transportation that

  • minimize environmental impact,
  • promote social equity, and
  • support economic viability both now and for future generations.

Strategies and practices

Aimed at

  • reducing carbon emissions,
  • improving air quality,
  • conserving natural resources, and
  • enhancing mobility while prioritizing the needs of communities and individuals.

Sustainable transportation includes options like

  • public transit,
  • walking,
  • cycling,
  • carpooling,
  • electric vehicles, and
  • alternative fuels,

all of which contribute to a more efficient, equitable, and environmentally friendly transportation system.

Sustainability principles

By prioritizing sustainability principles in

  • transportation planning,
  • infrastructure development, and
  • mode choice,

societies can create healthier, more livable communities while mitigating the adverse effects of transportation on the environment and public health.