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Introducing “Turn Black into Green Friday” – a sustainable initiative to transform the traditional shopping frenzy into an environmentally conscious event.

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Positive impact

This weekend, every order you make will have a positive impact on our planet.

Instead of contributing to waste, your purchase will automatically result in the planting of a tree, helping to offset the environmental footprint associated with consumerism.

In a world where the consequences of unchecked consumption are increasingly evident,

“Turn Black into Green Friday”

aims to redirect the narrative. The initiative recognizes the importance of balancing our desires for new products with the need to preserve and protect our environment.

It’s no secret that a significant amount of waste is generated during shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Packaging materials, discarded products, and the overall carbon footprint associated with production and transportation contribute to environmental degradation.

By participating in “Turn Black into Green Friday,” you are making a conscious choice to be part of the solution rather than the problem.


With each order placed during this weekend, a tree will be planted.

Trees play a crucial role in sequestering carbon dioxide, purifying the air, and supporting biodiversity. By channeling the energy of Black Friday & Cyber Monday into a positive environmental action, we can collectively make a meaningful impact.

Organic, Renewable, Circular

In the context of fashion, the terms “organic,” “renewable,” and “circular” are associated with sustainable practices and materials


Organic fashion refers to clothing made from materials that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It involves farming practices that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and the well-being of farmers and workers.

  • Examples: Organic cotton is a common organic material in fashion. Other organic fibers include organic linen, organic wool, and organic hemp.


Renewable fashion involves the use of materials that can be replenished naturally over time. This contrasts with non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels, which are finite and deplete over time.

  • Examples: Fabrics made from renewable resources include Tencel (made from sustainably sourced wood pulp), bamboo (which grows rapidly), and certain types of regenerated fibers that use renewable materials in their production processes.


Circular fashion refers to a system that aims to minimize waste and make the most of resources by emphasizing recycling, upcycling, and reuse. It contrasts with the traditional linear model of fashion, which follows a “take, make, dispose” pattern.

  • Examples: Circular fashion include designing products for longevity, encouraging repair and refurbishment, and creating closed-loop systems where materials can be recycled and reused. Recycling materials to create new garments and accessories is also part of circular fashion

Turn Black into Green with Go Green Brand

Every order this weekend will automatically plant a tree instead of going to waste.

From now until to midnight Sunday on

Go Green Design Shop.


This initiative not only addresses the environmental impact of consumerism but also fosters

  • a sense of responsibility and
  • mindfulness among shoppers.

It encourages us to consider the long-term consequences of our purchasing decisions and emphasizes the power we hold to make a positive change.

So, let’s collectively “Turn Black into Green” this Friday, Saturda and Sunday to make a difference together.

Your order won’t just be a transaction;

it will be a contribution to a greener, more sustainable future.

Join us in taking a step towards a world where responsible consumption is not just a choice but a collective commitment to the well-being of our planet.


Organic cotton design ‘Go green’ tee

Art and bags

‘Go green’ designer tote bag organic cotton

Other products

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